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  • Sistem electronic de si pontaj cu LAN EL-KZ-370-1
  • Sistem electronic de pontaj EL-KZ-310
  • Sistem electronic de pontaj EL-KZ-360
  • Sistem electronic pontaj EL-KZ-830

-Anti-static surge-proof on all inputs & outputs
-1 built-in RF reader (EM or Mifare-option); 1 W26, 2 Door Sensors, 1 Push Button, 2 Door Relays, 1 Door Bell and 1 TCP/IP(LAN) interface
-Definable In/Output for different applications such as W26 standard In/Output, Access Control, Door Bell or Fire Signal
-English back-lit LCD display can show user names, card numbers, employee number, card validity and In/Out status
-16 programmable Alarm Times
-Can set Auto Synchronization
-Can store 10240 cards and 54000 events
-32 Time Frames / 64 Time Zones / 16 Application Group / 8 Holiday Types / Card Validity / PIN
-3 access modes: Only PIN / Card+PIN / Only Card
-Supports remote doors control and several alarm signals including abnormal door open/close, burglary, duress, case sensor and fire alarm


-Autonom sau conectat la calculator prin RS-485 sau USB
-Software inclus in pret
-Slot pentru card SD incorporat, pentru backup
-Display LCD mare, Date, Ora, Numar card, Nume purtator
-20 seturi de semnale sonore (melodii)
-Memorie flash de 8 Mb incorporata, poate stoca pana la 400 000 inregistrari


-Autonom sau conectat la calculator. Se pot conecta pana la 255 de unitati
-Modem intern / Convertor TCP/IP pentru comunicatie intre sediul central si sucursale
-Display LCD mare, arata data, ora, numar card, nume purtator.
-Buffer de stocare de 128k, pana la 5000 inregistrari
-Baterie de siguranta incorporata, informatia se pastraza in controller pana la 60 de zile dupa intreruperea alimentarii

Contine tastatura, carduri keytag si optiune retea.

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